Thursday, June 19, 2014

I never knew that all those Hollywood artists have never won an Oscar

Here are some of the artists who never won an Oscar 
1Edward Norton: his most famous Movies like 

The Italian Job 
Steve                                                                                                                2003
 200225th Hour
Monty Brogan
 2002Red Dragon
Will Graham
Nelson Rockefeller
 2002Death to Smoochy
Sheldon Mopes / Smoochy the Rhino
 2001The Score
Jack Teller
 2000Keeping the Faith
Father Brian Finn
 1999Fight Club
The Narrator
 1998American History X
Derek Vinyard
 1996The People vs. Larry Flynt
Alan Isaacman

2- Johnny Depp: he has been nominated for 3 Oscars but didn't won any till now, his famuse movies like 
Pirates of the Caribbean. and much more 

3- Jim Carrey: he Won 2 Golden Globs but still didn't win any Oscars he has never been nominated too. 

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